Gamer Ends Attempted School Shooting

on February 15, 2010 9:45 AM

We all see the Gamer Spotlight every week on Xbox Live. I think its about time we have a Gamer Hero category. So often we see youths as immature and unruly, but the following story is about a true hero, who just happens to be one. The Vancouver Sun is reporting that a high school senior from San Antonio, Texas is in custody after apparently making plans to shoot classmates in his school which was overheard on Xbox Live. The youth was apparently upset over failing grades and was going to take it out on his classmates.

The Texas teenager mentioned specific names that were to be targets in the horrific act. Another youth from Canada involved in the Xbox Live match overheard the plans. When the Canadian youth tried to find out further information, the youth from Texas left the Xbox Party. The Canadian youth then alerted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who along with Microsoft’s Law Enforcement Security division were able to work together and track the young man to Texas. The youth in Texas was then taken into custody by local authorities.

“The suspect indicated he was a senior at his high school, had failing grades, and mentioned names of students he was targeting, along with plans about how the shooting would proceed,” said Port Alberni RCMP Staff Sgt. Lee Omilusik (via Kotaku). “In this case, the suspect was quickly arrested and no one was hurt thanks to the information received from a concerned citizen.”

A big thank you goes out to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Enforcement Division at Microsoft, but a great big thank you goes out to the brave Canadian Teen who took it upon him or herself and did the right thing. Without that wonderful person’s phone call, many lives may have been lost in that Texas High School. We are a world that appreciates so many times the acts that people commit on a sports field or in a gaming competition. This time we need to honor a true Hero, Gamer, and fine young person.

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