Gamer Girl is Wales Interactive's Next Spooky FMV Thriller

Gamer Girl puts you in the shoes of a moderator for a popular streamer named Abicakes99. Your choices will help decide her career and more.

July 16, 2020

Wales Interactive has slowly built up a bit of a reputation for releasing excellent FMV thrillers. Between the Simulacra series, The Shapeshifting Detective, and several others in between, the studio has shown a penchant for playing in the medium. Gamer Girl, their next release, puts players in the shoes of a moderator for a popular streamer. Tasked with helping her make choices, you’ll quickly find yourself caught in some spooky situations. Give the announce trailer a watch below.

One thing that really has me excited about Gamer Girl is that the production is fully improvised. The actors were either reacting to pre-written chat text or live chats composed by the scriptwriter as they went along. Personally, I’ve always preferred improv to scripted content, so it’s neat to see a team using it in this space.


Gamer Girl also isn’t your typical FMV thriller. Players have to engage with some management gameplay to keep the streamer’s chat clean. You’ll need to manage comments, ban users, and reward good behavior. If you do your job well, you’ll be rewarded with new mod powers. Do it poorly and Abicake99 will kick you off of her stream.

As with most games from Wales Interactive, expect a branching narrative with plenty of reasons to hop back in for a second playthrough. Your choices will help decide what Abi does to enhance her stream career or just better her personal mental health. There won’t be any easy choices here.

Gamer Girl launches on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One this September. While you wait, I can’t recommend Simulacra enough.


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