Gamer Smashes the Record for Owning the World’s Largest Video Game Collection With More Than 20,000 Titles

A gamer from Texas has been entered into the Guinness World Records due to his amazing video game collection of 20,139 titles, thus making him our new found hero.

As gamers, there are probably very few things that excite us more than coming across someone with a gigantic video game collection that covers their many walls from floor to ceiling. One hardcore gamer from Texas has done just that with his gargantuan collection of video games from every corner of the gaming spectrum that has rightly earned him a place in the Guinness World Records.

Antonio Monteiro has collected 20,139 games that he stores at his home in Richmond, Texas that could only be described as a gamers paradise. Inside his playroom, you can witness (video at the end of this article)  rows and rows of video games on display and then methodically spit into different categories from PlayStation titles all the way to retro games that include the Dreamcast and Atari. Due to the crazy amount of games Antonio has acquired over the many years, it actually took him eight days to calculate how many he had before he received the record.

Antonio conveys that he has played every single game he owns, but his favorite out of the 20,139 titles is Castlevania IV which he says is a “Masterpiece”. This enthusiastic gamer not only owns some of the titles most of us have heard of or played but also some super rare titles also. One of his rare games is called Max Basic Rifle Marksmanship Program which was only issued by Nintendo solely to the US Military for shooting practice and never did it see the light of day to the public eye.

Some of Antonio’s other gaming title rarities include games that were only released in Japan like the Sega Game Gear game called CJ the Elephant and a series of educational Sega Dreamcast games such as Timeless Math. 

I’m not sure about you, but I have a hard enough time with the games I own to decide what I’ll play so, I can’t image what it’s like to try and pick a game to play out of 20,139 of them. It seems as though Antonio has a method he uses that keeps everything in order in helping him choose. Mr. Monteiro states “I have a sub-list of games that I want to play, and focus on playing each to a conclusion prior to moving on to another. Periodically I refresh that list based on new acquisitions or new releases that interest me.”

Here’s a list of the current games Antonio has in his collection:

  • More than 1,000 PlayStation 1 games
  • Complete PlayStation 2 collection for North America
  • Complete PlayStation 3 collection for North America
  • More than 900 PlayStation 4 games
  • Every PS Vita game released to-date in North America
  • Complete PSP collection for North America
  • Complete Xbox collection for North America
  • Complete Xbox 360 collection for North America
  • More than 500 Xbox One games
  • The complete collection of Wii U games for North America
  • Complete Game Cube collection for North America
  • Complete Wii collection for North America
  • 118 Nintendo Switch games
  • Turbografx games
  • Super Famicom games – the equivalent of the Super Nintendo for Japanese/European marketplace
  • Complete Sega Dreamcast collection for North America
  • Complete collection of 32X
  • Complete Atari Jaguar System collection for North America
  • Atari Lynx, complete collection of retail releases for North America
  • Complete collection of SEGA CD games for North America
  • Japanese Saturn games
  • Japanese Dreamcast games
  • Complete Game Boy collection for North America
  • Complete Game Boy Color collection for North America
  • Complete Game Boy Advance collection for North America
  • More than 1,100 Nintendo DS games
  • Every Neo Geo Pocket game released in North America
  • Nintendo 64 collection
  • Atari and Gauge games
  • SEGA PICO games
  • Complete collection of NES games for North America including unlicensed games

And just to also include, he has over 100 consoles so he can play these beauties anytime that he wants – now that’s gamer goals right there. You can check out more about Antonio and his collection in the YouTube video below.

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