Gamer Plays Through Japan's Earthquake

With the horrendous earthquake that struck Japan over and done with, many corporations/companies aiding relief efforts, and the the Japanese citizens recovering, a certain video has made its way to Youtube. This video, believe it or not, shows a Japanese, PC gamer playing Call of Duty: Black Ops during the catastrophic natural event. You would assume under these conditions said gamer would quit playing and head for safety immediately right? That’s where the twist comes in. This Black Ops gamer played through the earthquake and only stopped playing to ask his friends to hold on so he could cover his computer. Dedication or stupidity? Regardless of his choice of actions, check the unbelievable video after the break. In it you can hear him talking about and hear sounds from the earthquake. Lastly, if you are ever in the position that this “hardcore” gamer is in…please stop what you’re doing and head for safety as soon as you can.


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Kyle Durant

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