Gamers Share Gaming Experiences that Positively Impacted Their Mental Health

Gamers Share Gaming Experiences that Positively Impacted Their Mental Health

Can you recall moments where a video game helped you through a tough time?

Narrative designer for The Waylanders, Emily Grace Buck earlier today put out a Tweet sparking many positive reactions. The purpose of the Tweet being to ask players what video game experiences have positively impacted the player’s mental health.

Buck, previously an employee at Telltale Games posted the below Tweet which, at the time of writing has 503 replies. She appears to have spent the day retweeting numerous responses, and in a time where positivity can be encouraging, I felt it was nice to share. A word of advice, some of the Tweet’s might contain triggers and mentions mental health and other sensitive situations, so just be aware when going through the thread.

There are so many replies with great examples of how video games can be an outlet, a coping mechanism, a way to help you find yourself. It’s a brilliant thread to go through if you’re looking for that spark of positivity in your day. Also, a reminder that video games can be more than just games. Rachael, a writer here at DualShockers has touched on how playing video games can shine a light of positivity into the darkness of mental health issues.

Rather than narrate the Tweet’s available on the original thread, I’ll embed a number of them below, but be sure to go and check out the thread if you fancy a long read of positive mentions to games you might recall from your past.

I found myself remembering how 007 Racing was a PS1 title that brought me and my grandfather closer with a mutual love of James Bond and flash cars. It wound up becoming something I could play with him once a week and helped me forget, for a few hours a week, about feeling different because of being deaf at school. More recently, Rocket League has been a savior in relation to feeling lost and alone and dealing with mental health worries.

Here are a few of the Tweets.