The Games Done Quick Games List For 2019 Has Been Revealed

The list of games for the 2019 Awesome Games Done Quick event which gives all the proceeds made to charity has been unveiled.

Awesome Games Done Quick is a speed running event that raises money for charity a couple times a year. Next years list of games that will be completed as fast as possible just got revealed.

The list begins with Actraiser 2 on the Super Nintendo. Some notable highlights are Bloodborne that is just 5 games after the first on the list, Mario Kart 64 which is an absolutely incredible game to watch somebody speedrun, Octopath Traveler which apparently can be completed in an hour according to the list, the fun to watch Super Mario Sunshine, and a whole lot more.

If you have not watched a speedrun before, I would highly recommend checking one out. The first time I watched somebody absolutely destroy Ocarina of Time, one of my favorite games, I was left speechless. The way these runners break some of these games is incredible and makes you wonder how anyone found out how to do the things they do. You can view the 2019 schedule right here.

The next event for Awesome Games Done Quick will be on October 26th at 1 PM Central Standard Time. You can view the schedule right here.

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