GamesCom 2010: Crysis 2 Multi-player Demonstration, Peelin’ Caps in NYC

on August 17, 2010 11:28 PM

GamesCom 2010: Crysis 2 Multi-player Demonstration, Peelin' Caps in NYC

It seems like every shooter these days comes with a multi-player online mode based on team competition, and why should Crysis 2 be any different? As the world ooo’s and ahh’s over the graphics displayed by Crytek’s monstrously high-tech engine and EA’s monstrous budget for this title, we are finally given a show of team-based multi-player at the EA Press Conference in Germany’s GamesCom 2010. Don’t forget to check out the special editions revealed today for Crysis 2.

You may notice at a few times the camera pans over to those who are on stage playing the game and utter silence is observed. Chalk it up to everyone’s mic being dead at the moment, or simply that this game is so intense there were no words to be said during this match. Enjoy the footage after the break.

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