Gamescom 2013: “Dual Mode” and “Beyond Touch” Allow Two-Player Control and Smartphone/Tablet-Play in Beyond: Two Souls

on August 21, 2013 10:53 AM

The games of David Cage are heavily noted for how they immerse players into their storytelling experiences: Heavy Rain did this with heavily choice-based gameplay and a cinematic noir tone.

During this week’s Gamescom event in Germany though, it seems Cage is even more determined to make his upcoming PS3-exclusive title, Beyond: Two Souls, draw players even further into the game’s narrative through a unique “multiplayer” mode and alternative controls via smartphone and tablet support – Dual Mode and Beyond Touch. Dual Mode will allow players to switch between the game’s protagonist, Jodie (motion-captured and acted by actress Ellen Page), and her ghostly companion, Aiden, for alternative gameplay experiences. The game is still played in single-player so the two players won’t be playing simultaneously, but after seeing players pass around their controllers while playing Heavy Rain, Cage implemented Dual Mode in Beyond: Two Souls as a way to incorporate that same experience more easily.

Beyond: Two Souls will also feature “Beyond Touch,” which will allow players to download an app on either iOS or Android smartphones or tablets to play and interact with the game as they would with a normal PS3 controller. Beyond Touch will also allow players the option to switch and play as Aiden, or be combined with the same feature as Dual Mode to allow a second player with a smart device to switch and play Aiden (Dual Mode can be played with a combination of PS3 controllers and smart devices as well).

Beyond: Two Souls releases exclusively on PS3 on October 8th in the US.

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