Gamescom 2013: EA Sports UFC – Gameplay Details Revealed (Updated)

Gamescom 2013: EA Sports UFC – Gameplay Details Revealed (Updated)

The fastest growing sport in the world brings mixed martial arts to next gen consoles. The announcement begins with Bruce Buffer taking the stage with his trademark “It’s tiiiiime!” and announcing the head of EA sports and the Head of the UFC in Europe. Bruce fades into the distance and the talk of the game begins.

EA Canada is currently working on the EA Sports UFC, the great minds behind SSX and Fight Night. With another 9 months still left to launch EA shows off some pre-alpha gameplay. The game is bringing its most realistic facial caps and movements of fighters to date. We watch American UFC champion, Jon Jones, take on Swedish challenger, Alexander Gustaffson. Off the bat you can see that Gustaffson’s hair sway as he moves in the octagon pre-fight.

UFC - Full-Body Deformation

The action begins and we see basic strikes take place as Jon Jones punishes Gustaffson with body punches and leg strikes. We do see a better use of momentum and the fact that fighters no longer slide around the octagon, but instead plant their feet to land heavier strikes. Also shown off is the use of the cage to accomplish strikes and we see Jon Jones perform a “Superman punch” off the side of the cage. This leads me to believe that we will be able to see the flashy strikes of Anthony Pettis and his “Showtime kick”.

Gustaffson is then shown putting Jon Jones into a guillotine submission and we see the fighter deformation in full action. Not only is Jon Jones’ body deform to the choke and having the life squeezed out of him, but Gustaffson’s as well is shown straining with his veins popping. Both fighters can be seen grimacing and fighting to either escape from having their soul crushed or snap the others neck like a twig. This level of detail gives you an even more realistic feel to the fight and struggle in the octagon.

Coming Spring 2014 to PS4 and Xbox One any UFC and MMA fan needs to get this. Unfortunately no support for current generation titles so this may be a reason to splurge into the next generation of consoles and get into the octagon with your friends.