Gamescom 2013: FIFA 14 Progression Travels With You From Current Gen to Next Gen

on August 20, 2013 11:06 AM

EA’s cash cow, also known as FIFA, took this stage at their Gamescom press conference and made a big impression with an important announcement for players.

While we’ve already heard of retailers creating trade-in and trade-up programs for gamers looking to upgrade their titles as they enter the next generation of consoles, mum’s the word on how exactly those titles will handle the transition from “Gen 3” to “Gen 4.”

Through EA Sports, FIFA 14, will carry over all of your progression. FIFA Ultimate Team, ranking, and experience points all make the journey with you as you enter the next generation of consoles. This is another incentive to “buy now” without worrying things get lost if you buy again down the road.

Well played, EA Sports. Well played indeed.

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