Gamescom 2013: Listen to Dan Greenawalt Talk Forza Motorsport 5 Behind Closed Doors: “You’ve Never Driven Anything Like This”

Gamescom 2013: Listen to Dan Greenawalt Talk Forza Motorsport 5 Behind Closed Doors: “You’ve Never Driven Anything Like This”

Forza Motorsport 5 Creative Director Dan Greenawalt is a man that’s extremely passionate about his job and about his game. Like it or not, that kind of passion is to be admired in a developer, and it shows quite clearly with Greenawalt when he talks about Forza 5.

During a behind closed doors presentation at Gamescom 2013 Greenawalt introduced the game to the press, describing some very interesting elements, like the extensive tests conducted to simulate tire behavior, suspension simulation, driveatar, damage, career mode and the involvment of the Top Gear crew.

Since Greenawalt explained the game much better than I could ever do, I recorded it so that you can enjoy his explanation yourself. Unfortunately video wasn’t allowed, but the audio is more than enjoyable by itself, and you can listen to it below.


For a simulation-oriented racer like me, it’s refreshing to see a developer like Greenawalt explaining physics (that he defines “my happy place”) in a way that made most of the journalists in the room look at him like he was talking ancient Aramaic, or some sort of alien dialect. That’s because it’s a language that only true gamers and especially sim racers will fully understand and enjoy. That’s why I opted for posting the recording unedited (despite some background noise, for which I apologize) instead of just writing a summary myself.

At around the 13:40 mark he really got into it, and most of the journos in the room became more and more fish-eyed while me and a couple others (that evidently were a bit more gamers than journalists) started to smile wider. You can probably hear me giggle here and there. That’s how enjoyable it was. The part about the tests made at Calspan to isolate and reproduce every element of the tire physics is especially interesting.

It’s just a great presentation across the board, made like it was aimed at real gamers and sim racers and not at a bunch and tired and bored journos continuously checking their clock for the next appointment (it did go quite a bit overtime). Just listen to it and you’ll understand, and if you’re one of those that thinks Greenawalt sometimes gets a tad too boastful, you’ll probably appreciate him a bit more.