Gamescom 2020 is Likely Canceled or Postponed Following German Government Orders

Germany has extended its ban on large gatherings through the end of August, meaning that the status of Gamescom being held this summer looks grim.

April 15, 2020

Of all the remaining gaming conventions that are left to occur in 2020, Germany’s Gamescom seemed like it has the potential to still transpire given that it was taking place a few months from now in a time where the COVID-19 crisis might have died down. However, due to an upcoming new ruling from Germany’s government, the likelihood of Gamescom taking place this summer seems to have no plummeted.

In response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Germany’s government is set to announce that it is extending its ban on all major events in the country through August 31, 2020. As a result, Gamescom 2020, which is currently set to take place from August 26 through the 29th, now seems to be in danger of being canceled or postponed. Previously, the organizers behind Gamescom have stated that plans to hold the convention this summer were continuing as planned, but this new development now seems to put that notion in danger.


Gamescom is annually the world’s largest gaming convention and typically draws hundreds of thousands of attendees each year. As such, it’d make sense that a mass gathering of people this size would potentially be nixed by Germany’s officials, even if the COVID-19 outbreak has improved a few months from now.

Despite Gamescom likely not being held in its usual form, though, the show still seems like it could continue on in some sort of digital format. As of now, Gamescom Opening Night Live, the showcase hosted by Geoff Keighley, is set to occur on August 24. This showing and others like it could still go on as planned even if the convention cannot accommodate actual attendees this year. More details will surely be provided soon enough.

With E3 and now Gamescom potentially both being canceled in 2020, it’ll be interesting to see if there will be any major gaming conventions held through the remainder of the year. Tentatively, PAX West 2020 and Tokyo Game Show 2020 are both still planned to transpire later in the year in August and September respectively. Given current circumstances, however, it wouldn’t be a shock to see either of these conventions inevitably nixed, too.

We’ll keep you updated on Gamescom 2020’s status when an official statement from the organization is released.

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