Gamescom: Scribblenauts Accolades Trailer

Gamescom: Scribblenauts Accolades Trailer

A brand new Scribblenauts trailer has surfaced from GamesCom in Cologne. Now I understand that there are American publishers and titles at GamesCom, but being that it is the largest video games show in Europe, why would they bring over a game based on writing English words? Unless, of course it means that this little gem will be available in multiple languages as well. For those of you who don’t know Scribblenauts is side scrolling adventure that allows you to “scribble” onto the DS touch screen, whatever it is you need to help you get through the game. I can’t wait to type in every dirty word I know into this thing when it comes out. Scribblenauts is due out in October. Hit the jump for the accolades trailer!

2 responses to “Gamescom: Scribblenauts Accolades Trailer”

  1. Because ENGLISH is from ENGLAND, which is in EUROPE? 😛

  2. Joel Taveras says:

    Haha, very funny Jordan! I meant other languages like French, Spanish, and German, which are used in Europe? 🙂