GameStick Kickstarter Closes at 648% Funding

GameStick Kickstarter Closes at 648% Funding

Those that have been keeping up with all the upcoming Android based game consoles will be interested to know that GameStick finished their Kickstarter campaign at 648% funding. The campaign closed with support until the last moments and completely shattered their goal of $100K.

GameStick is set to ship in April of 2013 and the funds earned will be put toward production of the console. Gamers that missed out on the campaign will have the chance to pre-order GameStick at

For those not keeping up, GameStick is a game console the size of a USB flash drive and plugs right into a TV’s HDMI for with support for included Bluetooth controller. GameStick fits easily into a slot in the controller to allow for portability and gaming on the go.

The game store will be powered by PlayJam’s build-for-TV technology that provides the ability to browse and download content as well as interact with the GameStick community. During the Kickstarter campaign, there had been many improvements made to the hardware based on the feed back of GameStick’s supporters. This included tweaking the controller, adding the capability for more memory, and a docking station for peripheral hardware.

It will be interesting to see how support for game’s will be for this new comer but it is quite impressive how they were able to go way above and beyond their initial goal.