GameStop 10% off Sale, Pre-order Extras, and more

GameStop 10% off Sale, Pre-order Extras, and more


GameStop, in a seemingly genuine effort to step it up for gamers in response to recent and long-term criticisms facing the retailer, has initiated an online only sale granting 10% off all items, including consoles! Read on for how to get this discount on your purchases while the sale lasts and to learn about pre-order extras for Lost Planet 2, ModNation Racers, UFC Undisputed 2010, and more as well as a Mass Effect 2 sale and some specials going on at GameStop right now. Some of the deals might surprise you!


Starting off our list is the GameStop 10% off sale. Simply use the code “SECRETS” at checkout and receive 10% off your order, better hurry though this offer ends 3/18. Mass Effect 2 is 50% off for a limited time for PC. This should give me chance I need to catch up with this WRPG of epic proportion. Last but not least for saving money on games, trading in 2 games from GameStop’s all mighty list will still get you $40 off of God of War III!

Pre-order Extras:

Pre-ordering ModNation Racers will earn players a unique Kratos character to race with. Lost Planet 2 pre-orders from GameStop will receive two “exclusive” multiplayer maps including Back to the Island and a remake of the classic Lost Planet multiplayer map Helix, which is a deep underwater research facility at the floor of the sea. If you pre-order Monster Hunter Tri for the Nintendo Wii you can still get $5 off the retail price in addition to a custom Monster Hunter Nintendo Points card with 500 free Nintendo points on it. In addition to these appetizing pre-order deals UFC Undispited 2010 pre-orders will add four “exclusive” UFC fighters to the game. Take a look below at the fighters who will be added if you are planning on picking this game up:

  • James McSweeney – A semifinalist on The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights, McSweeney is scored an impressive victory over Darrill Schoonover at Ultimate Fight Night.
  • Marcus Jones – a first-round draft pick in the 1996 NFL draft, Marcus began his MMA career in late 2007. The green but well-rounded fighter advanced to the semifinals of The Ultimate Fighter 10
  • Brendan Schaub – A former football player at the University of Colorado and the NFL’s Buffalo Bills, Schaub outclasses his opponents with his rare combination of athleticism and technique.
  • Roy “Big Country” Nelson – Nelson defeated Brendan Schaub to win the Heavyweight bracket in The Ultimate Fighter 10. He says he trains by striking, grappling and eating.