GameStop Closes Massachusetts Stores After Coronavirus Lockdown Violation

GameStop Closes Massachusetts Stores After Coronavirus Lockdown Violation

After a store location near Boston violated state lockdown procedures, GameStop has closed all of its Massachusetts store locations.

With the coronavirus pandemic having a hold on the world at large and forcing the closure of numerous businesses, GameStop has continued to find itself in precarious positions in the midst of the crisis. The company has repeatedly found itself in hot water by trying to remain in operation despite government mandates, with another state forcing the company to close it locations in the midst of coronavirus-related lockdown procedures near Boston.

In a report from The Boston Globe, a GameStop location in Dorchester, MA (a neighborhood in Boston) was ordered to close by the city’s government after violating lockdown orders and continuing to serve customers. According to The Boston Globe, the state of Massachusetts ordered a closure for all non-essential businesses on March 24, with the Dorchester location appearing to defy the order by allowing customers to order and pick up games at the storefront’s door. The store was eventually ordered to close by the city’s inspectional services department, with GameStop confirming that all Massachusetts store locations are now closed for the duration of the state-wide lockdown.

GameStop has come under scrutiny in the past month during the coronavirus pandemic for its business practices that have potentially put its employees and customers at risk of infection. The company tried to qualify as an “essential” business despite government orders in several US states to prevent large gatherings of people in the midst of COVID-19. So far, other states such as California and Pennsylvania have ordered the company to shutter GameStop locations in compliance with lockdown orders and protocol.

GameStop has notably been trying to find new ways to improve its business in the past few years in light of heavy competition from other retails such as Amazon, and an increasing move towards digital game purchases as a whole. The company recently confirmed that it would expect to close over 300 stores throughout 2020, in an effort to consolidate profits among fewer locations and to restructure the company as a whole. However, it remains to be seen what impact that the coronavirus pandemic may be having on the company’s financial prospects with more store closures being mandated by state governments.