GameStop DSi XL Trade Up Offer

on March 24, 2010 3:10 PM

GameStop DSi XL Trade Up Offer

GameStop is once again having a trade up offer for the latest piece of hardware. Not sure how long this has been going on, but GameStop is offering those who would like to upgrade their DS’s to a DSi XL can do so with GameStop’s offer.

Those who trade in their DSi will get a DSi XL for $99.99. And those who trade in their DS lite will get the DSi XL for $129.99. People who have the original DS are out of luck as there is no offer for those at all. I remember last year they had a trade in offer for DSi and my original DS got me $50 off the DSi. It was a good deal, considering the fact that my original DS was almost 5 years old.

I like breaking down deals for you guys, so here is what you’re getting if you’re planning to upgrade with GameStop’s latest offer. The DS lite is currently on sale for $129.99. The DSi is on sale for $169.99. The DSi XL will be $189.99. All these facts are considering you bought these systems at full price. If you trade in your DS lite, you are getting about $60 back. That is less than 50%. If you trade in your DSi, you are getting about $90 back. That is a little over 50% back.

In my opinion neither of these deals are too great, especially since a DSi can easily sell for more than $90 elsewhere. Also, trading in a DS lite to get the DSi XL for $129.99 is like buying another brand new DS lite. That’s 2 DS lites for one DSi XL. Hmm… not worth it.

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