GameStop Executive Pleads Guilty to Stealing Two Million From Company

on November 3, 2012 3:43 PM

It seems that online retailers might not be the only thing hurting GameStop, one of the largest surviving physical video game retailers in the world. The company’s former┬áVice President of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Chris Olivera pleaded guilty this week in a Texas court to the theft of over two million dollars. With a crazy corporate title like that, he just wreaks villain, but how the hell does two million dollars just go missing you might ask?

It seems he made up a company, and was sending them payments for being one of GameStop’s suppliers, when in reality the company he was sending checks to only existed on paper, and the money was going right into his bank account. It still seems a bit strange that no one from accounting seemed to notice the loss of that much money, but ah well, such is business. I guess people can’t say gaming is still small if companies involved can miss millions disappearing. Olivera faces a maximum of 20 years in jail for his charade.

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