GameStop Germany is Offering Fallout 76 for Free When You Buy a Used PS4 Controller

GameStop in Germany obviously can't wait to get rid of their stock of Fallout 76 copies quick enough where they've taken to giving them away for free when customers buy a used PS4 controller

January 30, 2019

GameStop in Germany is giving away free copies of Fallout 76 with every purchase of a used PS4 controller, which is a real punch in the teeth for Bethesda, but a giant win for anyone not wanting to spend a dime of the title. According to a Reddit post, there is a sign that reads – “Get Fallout 76 for free if you buy a used PS4 controller” right next to a stack of Fallout 76 cases.

Many of the comments regarding the post aren’t too favorable with one person stating that they would buy the controller but leave the game where it was. Unfortunately, this kind of animosity towards Fallout 76 isn’t something new at all as lately, Bethesda’s Fallout 76 leather jacket took some jabs with people jumping on tweeter to poke fun at how the lighting makes the leather look like plastic or tarp. Fans of the franchise were still upset ever since the bag controversy where they ended up with nylon bags instead of a more durable canvas material.

A few weeks ago we saw the company in the news once again when it came to light that players of the title could access a secret developer room and fill their pockets full of unreleased items that included top-tier weapons, and plans for every item in the game. Even though this had been known about on Discord for quite some time, Bethesda eventually got with it and started issuing suspensions for players who dared enter the room.

With so much Fallout 76 negativity, will we eventually see some positive news coming from this game in the near future? To be honest, I’m not so sure due to the number of bugs and everything else we have seen from this title that keeps it in the murky shadows so I think it’s time to shine has well and truly been put to bed.

If you do want to try it out for yourself and go against the vast majority of players who certainly wouldn’t recommend it, Fallout 76 is currently available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 and you can pick it up through Amazon.




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