GameStop Introduces PowerUp Rewards Program

GameStop Introduces PowerUp Rewards Program


GameStop, the video game retailer everyone loves to hate, is introducing a new rewards program for frequent shoppers, or, really, any shoppers, but the best rewards only come to those who spend their life savings there. I’m unsure if this is in addition to the current GameStop EDGE card or if it will replace it, but it sounds pretty decent to the right people.

Myself, I’ve never had a problem with GameStop. I know the people there, I shop there, I buy nearly all of my games and related equipment there. So, for all that hard work and money spent, they’re actually attempting to give something back to their customers now.

Their new PowerUp rewards program is just in beta testing now, in select markets, but we will soon be seeing gigantic window posters advertising the program at our local stores, no doubt.

So, here’s the deal: There are two different cards, one is free and one will cost you $14.99. The free one gets about half the same benefits as the one you pay for. Dropping $15 will net you some extras, including an introductory buy one get one free joining bonus (used games). Check out the graphic below from GameStop’s site, which details the pros of each type of membership.


So, any of you frequent GameStop enough to make this worth it, or are you dreading going to the store even more now because the employees have something else to try to get you to sign up for?