GameStop May Close Stores In 2010

on January 22, 2010 7:20 PM

24/7 Wall St. recently put out a list of 10 retailers that may have to close shops in the coming year. Most of the stores were clothing stores, but one was different. Gamestop was reported as having a poor holiday season. Gamestop has also stated that fouth quarter sales will be down as well.

This could be blamed on the recession finally hitting the video game industry. Also, piracy could be partially to blame.

With these figures, 24/7 Wall St. believes that GameStop may close up to 400 stores in the next year.

I am hoping that some GameStops in the greater Los Angeles region will be among stores closed, I have around 50 GameStop stores within 25 miles of my house, and that is a bit asinine.

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