GameStop Survey Reveals Most Popular Retro Consoles with Customers; N64 Takes the Top Spot

on December 19, 2016 8:04 AM

Video games come and go with the times and while there’s always an emphasis on the next Big Thing, plenty of gamers have nostalgia and a drive to play the classic systems, with GameStop showing there is indeed still popular demand for classic systems.

A new survey was released by GameStop drawing responses from its PowerUp Rewards members on the most popular retro games offered by the retailer, with the survey breaking down the top 10 consoles and systems from its members.

Coming in at the top was the Nintendo 64, with the list to feature five consoles from Nintendo in total between the N64, NES, SNES, Game Boy, and Game Boy Advance. The rest of the list is a varied mix between Sony and Microsoft’s original systems, along with some classic systems from SEGA. The full list of the retailer’s most popular retro games can be found below:

1. Nintendo 64
2. Nintendo Entertainment System
3. Super Nintendo Entertainment System
4. PlayStation
5. Sega Genesis
6. Xbox
7. Sega Dreamcast
8. Sega Saturn
9. Game Boy
10. Game Boy Advance

After limited trade-in and purchase events in the past few years in an on-and-off capacity, GameStop began accepting and selling trade-in retro games and consoles in October 2015, with recent interest and drive having likely been driven by releases such as the NES Classic Edition and other retro-flavored systems, games, and devices.

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