GameStop Expecting Nintendo Switch Back in Stock “as Early as Wednesday”

GameStop Expecting Nintendo Switch Back in Stock “as Early as Wednesday”

Despite limited availability and high demand, GameStop is ensuring that it is "securing additional systems as fast as we can" for the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch released earlier this month to a eager gamers across the world, and while the system and its accessories have been notoriously hard to find, GameStop expects to have (some) systems back on the store shelves later this week, if you missed out on the launch.

GameStop has announced that the retailer will have Nintendo Switch units for sale “as early as Wednesday, March 22” following the system’s big launch a few weeks ago and limited supply in the weeks since.

Specifically, the retailer explained that customers should “check their stores first for availability” and that only individual systems will be available, with no bundle options being offered in-store or online, at this time. Due to the high demand for the system, GameStop stated that the retailer is “meeting this demand by securing additional systems as fast as we can to ensure customers are able to purchase this innovative gaming technology.”

While new systems will be coming to stores later this week, GameStop did advise that its new allotments of consoles will “go fast,” and recommends customers check with their stores and get in line early, as the system will be in limited quantities from store to store.

The Nintendo Switch launch on March 3rd, 2017 and has been in short supply since its launch, though Nintendo has implied that the company intends to double its production of the system in response to the high demand from consumers.