Gamestop is Offering Up to $275 Toward a Switch When Trading in Other Consoles

You can receive up to $275 toward a Switch at Gamestop when trading in one of your consoles from now until Septemeber 22nd.

on September 16, 2018 5:40 PM

Gamestop has run a few of these deals in the past for some other consoles. Now it is the Switch’s turn. When trading a console toward a Nintendo Switch, you can save up to $275.

Of course, the highest amount of money you can receive when trading in would be for an Xbox one X or a PS4 Pro. Each one of those consoles will net you $275 toward a purchase of a Switch. The next consoles down the list were the Xbox One S and the Original PS4. Trading in one of those two systems will give you $225. The original Xbox One will net you $150 towards a purchase of the Nintendo Handheld. Finally, if you trade in a Wii U, 3DS XL, or PS Vita will net you $100.

These are some pretty great deals if you are willing to get rid of one of your consoles.

If one of these deals sounds intriguing, you can find an eligible store here. The deal is running from now until September 22nd, so you will have about a week to take advantage of this offer.


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