GameStop Offers Pre-Order Costumes for Spider-Man: Edge of Time & X-Men: Destiny

Remember when bonus costumes and unlockables were just an accepted fact? You beat the game or found certain secrets, you unlocked bonus costumes. Most companies are content to leave these bonuses on the disc, but change the unlock method to a credit card. I’m looking at YOU Capcom…

The upcoming Spider-Man: Edge of Time and X-Men: Destiny will continue the old traditions though, with unlockable costumes. This includes a couple of pre-order bonuses for either game from GameStop. Spider-Man: Edge of Time will receive the four “Slingers” costumes for Spider-Man from the infamous “Identity Crisis” comic arc, while X-Men: Destiny will have a “Havoc” costume for each character. Looking like a strange modern version of the character Havoc’s suit, this surely points to him being involved in the game somehow, but they also remind me of the character designs in the current ongoing “Fear Itself” story.

It’s unknown at this time if any of the costumes will give any bonuses, or if the Slingers costumes will come with the abilities Spidey used in those suits (and the Slingers team had when they took the abandoned costumes from him), or just be a skin. Check out some images of each costume after the break.

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