GameStop Oversold Pre-Orders for Kingdom Hearts III's PS4 Pro, Now Forced to Cancel Some Customer Orders

GameStop says it will give $25 of in-store credit to all those who have seen their Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro pre-orders become canceled.

January 25, 2019

It seems like GameStop is about to have to deal with a lot of angry Kingdom Hearts fans in the coming days.

The popular video game retailer GameStop announced today via Twitter that it accidentally oversold pre-orders for the upcoming limited edition Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro that many hardcore fans have surely been after. This comes merely four days before the launch that many have been waiting over a decade to see come to fruition.

To make up for the error, GameStop says it will be giving out $25 of in-store credit to all who have had their pre-orders canceled. It’s a nice gesture on its own, but it’s one that I have a feeling many fans won’t see as atonement for the mistake.

As a reminder, the Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro was only available here in the United States at GameStop, which makes this error all the more frustrating considering the lack of retailer options. If you had one of these things pre-ordered for yourself, you might want to call your local store or check your shipping status to make sure you’ll still be getting one.

As a backup option, you could always try to import one of the PS4 Pro systems from Japan, but that comes with added costs for shipping and such. As of this writing, it’s unknown if GameStop will ever get additional shipments of these devices, but you’d have to guess that it doesn’t bode well if they’re canceling orders.

GameStop currently could be in the midst of being purchased by another company, but further news of its potential sale hasn’t been announced recently. Kingdom Hearts III, on the other hand, is due out next week on January 29 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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