GameStop “Particularly Excited” About PlayStation VR due to Price, Installed Base and Plug & Play

GameStop “Particularly Excited” About PlayStation VR due to Price, Installed Base and Plug & Play

During GameStop’s quarterly financial conference call Executive Vice President of Business Strategy Mike Hogan talked about the retailer’s opinion on the upcoming PlayStation VR launch, while further info was given about the company’s plans for virtual reality in general.

“We are particularly excited about the Sony VR product, given the attractive price point, the large installed base, and its plug and play capabilities.”

Later in the Q&A it was mentioned that the company plans to have “literally hundreds of stores” with VR demo capabilities in North America for PlayStation VR. It’s a complex product and it takes a lot of explanation, but GameStop is confident that there will be “nobody” better informed or more able to meet the needs of the gaming customer.

On the European front, all the major GameStop stores will be able to provide VR demos, and even those that won’t, will have dedicated events at the local malls.

GameStop is also seeing strong and growing interest from customers on VR products, with over a million Power-up Rewards members expressing interest in the category. While general interest is strong, “not that many” know exactly what they’re going to buy yet, so they’re going to be looking for more information and the retailer plans to provide it.

Chief Operating Tony Bartel also mentioned mentioned that they’re “full of pre-orders,” and they’re implenting a “first to know” mailing list to warn consumers on when new allocation will be available.

Last, but not least, it was explained that the interest figures don’t mean that GameStop was allocated a million units (even if they wish they were). They can’t disclose their allocations, but it’s “significantly less” than a million units.