GameStop Struggling with PlayStation Move…In a Good Way

on March 25, 2011 9:00 AM

PlayStation Move

Video game behemoth, GameStop, recently announced they are experiencing a high degree of demand for the PS3’s motion controller. This is great news for any peripheral especially six months since its release. Sony has been rather quiet on the total sales of the PS Move lately but as of December the Move sold 4.1 million units. You can only assume that number has only gotten higher and with this shortage of stock, can the Move sell over 10 million units?

“We have struggled to stay in stock on the Sony Move controllers; there’s a tremendous amount of demand for that,” said GameStop’s Tony Bartel. “Provided we can get more into stock, we should see some strong growth there as well.”

Would it be safe to say that the PlayStation Move controller will see a sales hike once the tactical shooter monster, Socom 4, makes its debut?

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