Report: Gamestop Trade-In Credit Will Soon Apply to Amazon Accounts

Report: Gamestop Trade-In Credit Will Soon Apply to Amazon Accounts

You will be able to apply GameStop trade-in credit to Amazon purchases come June 7.

Amazon users will be able to apply GameStop trade credit towards their Amazon purchases beginning June 7. As seen spotted by Cheap Ass Gamer, the partnership is being made in order to increase store traffic in GameStop and boost their sales.

What this means for the average gamer is that you will no longer have to take that 20 percent hit when trading in games, consoles, and accessories, and opting for cash over in-store credit. Interested in buying a new TV? Looking at all those sweet racing chairs for your game room? Well through this partnership, Amazon users have the choice of trading in video games, taking the “trade credit” value, and then applying that to whatever you were looking to purchase that could be completely non-gaming related (why would you ever do that though?).

The announcement, made to GameStop employees reads:

“Starting in June, Amazon shoppers will be able to apply their GameStop trade credit and cash towards their Amazon account. This exciting addition to our trade program is intended to drive incremental trades into stores, helping your team meet trade and inventory goals.

On 6/7, the GameStop logo will be added to Amazon’s website to promote this program. Interested shoppers will request a barcode on that can be used in GameStop stores like an Amazon POSA card.

The added stor traffic driven by this program is sure to help increase digital sales and the potential for guests to purchase other products in your store.”

Gamestop is just the latest retailer to join Amazon’s AmazonCash program, which enables users to shop on Amazon with cash (go figure). By going to Amazon’s website and requesting a barcode, users can scan that barcode at participating retailers, and soon GameStop, and transfer cash onto their account. This circumvents the need to purchase Amazon gift-cards  and allows Amazon users to add custom amounts to their accounts.

“How does this benefit you?” you might ask. Well if you happen to be an Amazon Prime member, you can take your old or unwanted games to GameStop, trade them in for AmazonCash, and then on Amazon, make use of the 20 percent savings on new physical copies of games. While it may be benefiting GameStop to have you in the store, and it benefits Amazon to be your retailer of choice, this can net you a better price for your games.

I always used to trade in my used games, apply the “store credit” to a pre-order, and then come in several days later and request my money back in cash in order to get around GameStop’s system, or even used trade in credit to purchase Kindle Gift Cards (which applied to my Amazon account anyway) to purchase things on Amazon. I guess all of my diabolical planning won’t be necessary come June 7, so if you’re looking at a new or up-coming title and you don’t want to bother selling your used games on your own, then you can take advantage of this offer to satisfy your gaming addiction.