GameStop UK Sets Grand Theft Auto V Release Date

October 13, 2012

It’s probably not a coincidence that a release date would creep up on the same day that Grand Theft Auto V is scheduled to be revealed at New York Comic Con. We’ll have full coverage on that event coming for you soon, but for now we can take solace in a retailer release date which while not always right are usually at least close.

Take a deep breath because you probably won’t be going on your next killing rampage until March 1st, 2013. Without a word though the date was later removed, incorrect or just whoops we put that out too soon, who knows? April as a release date has been hinted at before as well, so it’s probably somewhere in that ballpark.

Miranda Quillen

Star Wars fangirl and general geekette with a passion for roleplaying and strategy games, space and all things Sci-Fi.

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