The Wall Street Bets GameStop Saga is Being Turned Into a Movie

The Wall Street Bets GameStop Saga is Being Turned Into a Movie

The movie will be adapted from The Antisocial Network from author Ben Mezrich.

The financial and gaming worlds have clashed over the past two weeks due to upheaval on Wall Street. A group on Reddit bet against massive hedge funds and won, driving the prices of GameStop’s stocks sky high and making average Joes millionaires overnight. Now, the story of how a bunch of Redditors shook up Wall Street with low-cost GameStop stocks is being turned into a movie courtesy of MGM and Ben Mezrich.

While Mezrich may not sound familiar, his name is a staple in Hollywood. The author, a New York Times best-seller, wrote The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding Of Facebook, a Tale Of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal, which would later be adapted into The Social Network. Mezrich’s next book, The Antisocial Network, centers around the recent Wall Street-GameStop saga. This book is already on the way to the big screens too, with its proposal being acquired by MGM according to an exclusive report from Deadline.

It’s not clear where The Antisocial Network starts and ends though. The struggle between Wall Street Bets, the board on Reddit where this all started, and Wall Street is far from over. GameStop’s stocks are still sitting at over $300 at the time of writing, with multiple other stocks being targeted by the Reddit board. Stock prices for AMC, the massive American movie theater chain, have also been driven up.

However it goes, a major part of this story will be the trading app RobinHood. The app lets any user buy or sell stocks, regardless of their financial know-how. It’s where a majority of Wall Street Bets members drove up the prices of GameStop stocks. In response, RobinHood ceased trading some stocks for a period of time, including both GameStop and AMC.

It doesn’t seem like this story will be ending any time soon, so it’s impossible to say how far Mezrich’s story will go. It’s not clear when The Antisocial Network will hit bookstore shelves. Likewise, any movie adapted from The Antisocial Network will likely come out far in the future.