Gang Beasts Update – What Does Patch 1.16 Fix and What’s Next

Gang Beasts Update – What Does Patch 1.16 Fix and What’s Next

The loading bug has been squashed!

Gang Beasts is one of the standout party games of the last few years. The title sees players fighting across a range of environments using a range of floppy jelly-like characters. It’s a source of great hilarity and hours of fun with friends. Over the last few weeks, the game has been plagued with a few issues. Thankfully, Gang Beasts update 1.16, is now live and should fix the majority of those problems.

Gang Beasts Update 1.16 Main Fixes

The main fix in the latest Gang Beasts update is the loading screen bug. This bug had effected a variety of users and according to the Gang Beasts team, was very difficult to fix. It turned out the cause was dependant on a combination of the player’s hardware and their internet connection. This meant, therefore, it was hard to replicate. The good news is though, it should now be fixed.

The second main issue that’s now been resolved is the elimination bug. This glitch meant that players weren’t being eliminated, even after being thrown off the stage. Despite numerous small fixes over the last few updates, the bug remained. Boneloaf says that they have now “added two more solutions”, both of which should stop it from happening.

Gang Beasts Update 1.16 Full Patch Notes


  • Fixed the pesky infinite loading screen
  • Adjusted the damage reduction timer from 10 seconds to 4
  • Fixed server ping checks not properly connecting to Sydney
  • Corrected PS4 online age rating check
  • Corrected PS4 lobby nameplate UI not showing

All stages

  • Increased the size of Elimination Zones to better catch escaping players
  • Added an Out of Bounds check that should stop anyone who does manage to escape!


  • Optimised the bubble particles
  • Fixed bubbles crashing the game (!)
  • Added blockers to prevent players from getting stuck in doors
  • Moved pool knockout volume up
  • Small physics optimisations

What’s next?

Gang Beasts developers Boneloaf have recently outlined their plans for 2021. This means that there will be a range of UI changes, an update to the costume system and a range of new stages and escalations coming soon.