The Garage “Monsters” Trailer Just Dropped, Coming to Nintendo Switch

The Garage “Monsters” Trailer Just Dropped, Coming to Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch Exclusive just received a brand new trailer from tinyBuild Games and Zombie Dynamics, titled Garage: Monsters.

After recently dropping a trailer titled Bad Trip, tinyBuild Games and Zombie Dynamics continue to show off their upcoming game Garage. Being a Nintendo Switch exclusive, there is now more gameplay footage to watch in the new trailer titled Garage: Monsters. Just around the corner from a May 10 release, Garage looks to brighten your TV screens with sadistic shades of red.

Sporting an underground pit filled with the unknown, you play as Butch trying to save a girl. Butch used to sell drugs, so his character has somewhat of a rough past. He now has to deal with some unpopular foes who are out to kill him, and everyone else for that matter. Some of these baddies found in Garage include military personnel, mutant filth, and even the undead.

Some of the things noticed in the trailer is the quick-paced shooting action, some rolling and throwing a type of grenade, and even fighting against what appears to be a version of the human (or inhuman) centipede. Pick up different weapons like axes or boomsticks, and slaughter your way through the waves of of meat and make your way through the mysterious underground.

For now, Garage is a Nintendo Switch exclusive and releases on May 10 for $14.99. Want to see Butch use fire and lead to solve his problems? Then check out the boomstick bonanza in the new Garage: Monsters trailer below.