Garden Story Demo Available Now

Grow and connect communities of adorable fruit in the demo for Garden Story

Today’s Escapist Indie Showcase was full of great indie titles, although so many of them were dark, gritty and violent. Not to say there’s anything wrong with that, but sometimes you need a break, right? That’s where Garden Story fits in, the latest game from Rose City Games. While you do still get to beat up on some baddies, this delightfully stylized pixel-art title focuses more on growth, both personal and communal.

In Garden Story, you play as a grape named Concord, who visits different towns and communities and tries to put them back together. In the game, everything is about empathy. Concord isn’t putting these towns back together for his own good, but to see the other adorable inhabitants live a better life. From the gameplay shown during today’s show, that kind of work takes the form of doing favors for town inhabitants. You might have to fetch things for townies or go smash some purple slimes. Either way, it’s all for the betterment of these small towns populated by adorable plants and fruits.

If a relaxed adventure sounds more your speed than other games from the show along the lines of Ultrakill, you can check out Garden Story right now. A demo for the game is currently available on Steam and will be left up for the foreseeable future. So no stress, take your time, and if you want to check out a cute game, the link to Garden Story‘s Steam page is right here.

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