Pokemon Unite - How to Get Gardevoir, Cost, Stats and Holowear

By Sam Woods

July 28, 2021

Pokemon Unite, the Pokemon MOBA, has been out for a week now and The Pokemon Company and TiMi Studios have already released the first new character.

Gardevoir was only announced yesterday and, as of today (Wednesday, July 28), the Psychic and Fairy-type Pokemon is in the game.

As with all MOBAs, the addition of a new character can deeply affect the game and its meta, as people have to adjust to a new teammate and/or foe.

So, if you’re interested in playing Gardevoir, here’s how to get it, its stats and the Holowear you can grab in Pokemon Unite.

Pokémon UNITE Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Pokémon UNITE Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

How to Get The Gardevoir License in Pokemon Unite

Currently, the Gardevoir License can be purchased the same way as any other License in the game, via the Unite Battle Committee store.

Gardevoir will set you back a total of either 8000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems – the same price as Pokemon like Mr. Mime, Wigglytuff and Machamp.

What Holowear is available for Gardevoir?

Currently, there is one piece of Holowear players can purchase in Pokemon Unite called the “Fashionable Style: Gardevoir” Holowear.

This piece of Holowear can be purchased for a further 350 Aeos Gems and sees Gardevoir dress up in a bonnet.

You can check out the outfit below:

What are its Stats in Pokemon Unite

Gardevoir plays the role of a Ranged Attacker. This means it excels in damage dealing, however, doesn’t have the best endurance.

You can check out its confirmed in-game stats below:

Offense – 4.5/5
Endurance – 1.5/5
Mobility – 1.5/5
Scoring – 3/5
Support – 1.5/5

It is classed as under the Intermediate difficulty, so given enough time, players should be comfortable using Gardevoir in Pokemon Unite.

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