Garfield’s Game Boy Horror Adaptation is Somehow Worse Animated

Garfield’s Game Boy Horror Adaptation is Somehow Worse Animated

Garfield in a Game Boy horror adaptation was grotesque enough as static pixel art, but I want to unsee it in video form. Thanks.

Some people may have entirely missed our article of the Redditor painstakingly turning the Monday-hating, lasagna-eating Garfield as a retro-styled horror game on Game Boy. Everyone who read the article is probably hoping to forget this exists. But ever since that article published, Redditor/YouTube channel LumpyTouch has been adapting that art to animations. And through the magic of video, be thankful this five-part series is done with.

So let’s go play by play on this:

The scene starts out with the house of Garfield’s owner Jon, just casually hiding in fear behind his TV. In a stealth game style, Jon’s scent is as high as the bar allows and his Status changes to Detected. Then Kronenberg Garfield slithers out. He can smell Jon.

Grabbing Jon from his hiding spot, Garfield does what he does best. Demand lasagna. However, we can now see a full horrifying glance of what this Garfield-like monstrosity actually looks like.

Somehow escaping Garfield’s grasp, Jon finds a new spot in the house to hide. Garfield, crawling on the sealing, unveils himself right next to his owner. He needs to know where is lasagna is. However, he is now part arachnid — somehow a worse version of the warted, fleshy self from the last video.

Not looking to go down without a fight, Jon pulls out a shotgun and takes aim at the monster’s eyes. There’s only one problem:

Bullets don’t work Jon.

Finally, Jon is able to escape from the ruins of his house. But Garfield, now eye-less, isn’t able to stop him. The beast towers over Jon’s broken body in a ruined world. Sirens blare in the distance. Like an omen — or perhaps a promise — he notes that the world is going to end.

If you are for whatever reason a fan of this and think we should get more, LumpyTouch does have a Patreon. Or you can stay far, far away.

Thanks LumpyTouch, I hate it.