Kiki the Cat Finds a Release Date in New Gato Roboto Trailer

Gato Roboto has you star as Kiki the cat in a quest to save your stranded captain from impending peril on an alien planet. Luckily, this cat has more than just teeth, as you'lll be piloting a mech in this "meowtroidvania".

By Ricky Frech

May 23, 2019

The publishers at Devolver Digital are having themselves quite the May. They just helped get Observation out the door and today the team announced that Gato Roboto will be hitting at the end of the month. This new game from developer Doinksoft is calling itself a “meowtroidvania” and also has elements of a bullet hell shooter. It doesn’t get much more paw-some than this. Give the released date announcement a look below for an idea of what’s coming.

You play as Kiki, an astronaut feline with cat-titude. Your courageous captain has crash-landed on an alien planet. It’s your job to hop inside your furball-sized armored mech to find a way to save your stranded leader. Players will have to brave the depths of treacherous underground labyrinth, but it’s all worth it if you can get back to your captain and his cat nip.

They say curiosity killed the cat, but in Gato Roboto, that couldn’t be any further from the truth. If you want to make your mech the as purr-fect as paw-sible, you’ll need to venture outside its armored protection. In your cat form, you can enter some of the smaller cracks and crevices. These secretive, off-the-beaten path areas may hold valuable upgrades which will make you much more fur-midable against the many enemies of the station.

Players fur-miliar with bullet hell games like Enter the Gungeon or Nuclear Throne should be right at home with the game’s combat. You’ll need to dodge and weave through enemy projectiles while trying to pump them full of your own bullets. Of course, you’re a cat, so agility and precision should be no problem.

Gato Roboto is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC on May 30. It’s only a few days away, so get your wallet prepared right meow!

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