GC 2012: Half-Life 3 and Dragon Age 3 Accidentally Added to Show’s Manifest

on August 14, 2012 9:22 AM

It would not be a major gaming convention without Half-Life 3 being involved or mentioned in some fashion. This past June at E3, the game was confirmed by Valve employee, Gabe Newell, as not being present at the show. At Gamescom this year however, the game was added to a manifest which displayed every single game that is being shown. Another addition to this list was the rumored Dragon Age 3, a game that as of yet has not been officially announced by Electronic Arts or BioWare, though many suspect it is well into its development.

“Dragon Age 3 and Half-Life 3 appearing on the Gamescom-compiled list of games at the show was ‘a mistake,’” reported Eurogamer, “Eurogamer asked three times why the names were listed, but no explanation was given.” A NeoGAF poster also translated the following disclaimer for the listings:

Expected announcements gamescom 2012′
*Please take note of the sources: exhibitors, media, intenet forums, blogs.
*no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information 

EA’s press conference begins in just under an hour and we will know for sure the status of Dragon Age 3 – for now, at least. As for Half-Life 3? Back to business as usual.

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