GC 2012: The Secret World Gets a Free Trial, Issue #2 Details, Info on the First Raid

GC 2012: The Secret World Gets a Free Trial, Issue #2 Details, Info on the First Raid

Funcom went all out in releasing new and juicy details on the near future of The Secret World at Gamescom, ending a brief period of relative silence that was paused only by our interview with game director Ragnar Tørnquist.

First of all, starting today, those that want to try the game can do so for free for three days by registering on the game’s official site. As an added bonus, those that complete 30 missions during their trial period will receive 1200 bonus points for the game’s cash shop.

Secondly, the developer confirmed the rumors about the game’s first raid, that will send players to the streets of New York, ravaged by a giant monster from the deep. According to Funcom “players will be introduced to the story by listening to the accounts of characters that have taken refuge in the New York subway system, and eventually players will battle a monster that towers over the skyscrapers in the middle of Times Square.”

lastly, information on the second batch of free content has been released. Issue #2, titled “Digging Deeper“, will be released on August the 28th and will include quite a lot of content:

  • The first auxiliary weapon, a rocket launcher, will be introduced, granting seven new abilities to be used in an eight hot bar slot.
  • New heads and facial features will be implemented in the character creation menu. The number of available hairstyles will be doubled.
  • The Modern Prometheus will open, allowing players to have some fun with plastic surgery and change their faces. The first visit will be free, but subsequent ones will have to be paid with in-game currency or with coupons purchased in the cash shop.
  • Ockham’s Razor will open for business as well, providing changes in hairstyle, facial hair and make up.
  • Several new missions will be implemented, including new investigation missions,  lair action missions and the mission to acquire the rocket launcher.
  • Two dungeons will be available in nightmare mode: The Facility and Hell Eternal.

Can’t say that Funcom isn’t providing exceptional support for their new MMORPG. Personally, I wasn’t too happy about my hairstyle of choice, so I’ll be one of the first customers at the Ockham’s Razor for sure.