GC2012: Sackboy, Spike, Dante, and Ratchet & Clank Officially Join PS All-Stars Roster, Complete with Trailers

Big news today from Sony and SuperBot Entertainment, who “revealed” four new characters today during Sony’s press conference at Gamescom 2012.The four new challengers on the PS All-Stars roster includes Sackboy (of Little Big Planet fame), Spike, Ratchet & Clank, and Ninja Theory’s version of Dante. While anyone who has been following the development of the game knew that these characters were on the roster, it’s a whole other thing to see them in action.

Ratchet employs a large number of guns, gadgets, and tools that coalesces into a strong move set at any range. His square attacks utilize his trusty wrench to give him some disjointed comfort up-close, while his mid-range gun tools can disrupt enemies quite easily. Fans looking for the robotic part of the duo will be glad to know that Ratchet’s level 2 will have Clank taking center stage, warping time and slowing enemies down with gravity bubbles to make them easier KO targets.

Next up is Spike from Ape Escape. While Ape Escape has found some success over the years in North America, this version of Spike is apparently based on a japan-only Ape Escape title called Million Monkeys. Spike will have various tools and monkey-catching gadgets from the series, including his remote control car, and a stun gun. Ultimately, he will those tools in conjunction with a lot of action-adventure attacks from the Million Monkeys title, placing him as a close range fighter with some strong mid-range tools.

Third is Sackboy, a modern day icon of Sony-exclusive fame. Not particularly used to this rough-and-tumble style of battle, Sackboy wants nothing to do with the fray. Identified as a strong keepaway character, Sackboy will use whatever he can from the Little Big Planet world to make sure he comes out of the battle intact. Using bounce pads, fans, stickers and bubbles, Sackboy is going to be hard to get in on, all the while building meter for his quirky-but-useful supers. His penchant for dress-up is also exhibited; Sackboy disguises himself as one of many characters during his level 1 super.

Lastly, DINO (Dante in Name Only) gets his debut as a part of the PS All-Stars cast, nearly two full months before players will have a chance to play DmC. Appropriately compartmentalized, Dante’s attacks are segmented for seamless transition; Dante attacks with his sword, Rebellion, using the square button, which can combo into his gunshots, which are available through use of the triangle button. Ebony and Ivory can then transition into his scythe attacks, which are all accessed through his circle button.  True to his (predecessor’s?) roots, Dante will be able to seamlessly transition from any of his square attacks all the way through to his circle attacks, in pretty much any form or fashion that the player can come up with.

Dante’s supers are all pretty straightforward. His level 1 swings his sword forward twice, and both of the attacks can result in a KO. His level 2 is the Stinger, a straight dash attack with his sword. His level 3 is the famous Devil Trigger. Dante’s coat turns bright red, his hair becomes shock white, and he has about 6-10 seconds worth of unabated slaughter. Any of his attacks in Devil Trigger mode will instantly KO an enemy. While in Devil Trigger mode, Dante retains all of his normal moves, including his movement options.

With my penchant for big swords and action games, Dante will be a day-1 character for me. Hopefully his rebellion attacks aren’t too slow, but if they are, I always have Raiden and Kratos as well. With all the preemptive hate that Dante is getting, it will be even more satisfying to win with him. PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale will hit shelves on November 20th, keep your eyes peeled. You can view the character trailers below

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