GDC 2012: Three DLC Expansions Headed to Battlefield 3

GDC 2012: Three DLC Expansions Headed to Battlefield 3

DICE announced at GDC last night that three new expansions / DLC are headed to Battlefield 3 later this year, each one with a very specific focus. The first one will be out in June with a week of exclusivity on the PlayStation 3 and is called “Close Quarters”. The focus is just what it sounds like, with a lot of small tight maps focusing on infantry and vertical gameplay.

More destruction and ten new weapons will accompany the action. Hit the jump for more details on the other two sets as well as details on another surprise: server rentals. 

The second is titled “Armor Kill” and these maps are all about the vehicles, offering what is claimed to be the largest maps in DICE history. This one is set for the fall.

The third and final pack is simply titled “End Game”, and that’s all we know at this point other than you can expect it to see a winter release. I’d imagine this one would be a mix of the other two but who can say for sure?

Finally we come to the strangest piece of news: DICE will be releasing a new program that will allow players to rent servers on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game. You’ll be able to customize the server however you want, but other than that there are no further details at this time.

Interesting. What do you say, ready for more Battlefield 3 action?