GDC11: Pirates of Black Cove Developer Talks Story, Character Advancement

Publisher Paradox Interactive definitely made a strong showing at this year’s Game Developers Conference, and Pirates of Black Cove is actually turning out to be one of the more promising titles. As previously reported, it’s a strategy RPG set against a pretty lush Pirate-themed backdrop, and in this developer interview, Nitro Games producer Brendan Neuwerth sheds a little more light on the game’s premise, as well as some of the systems and character in the game that really makes it unique.

There’s not any gameplay to speak of, but the insights are pretty intriguing, and it shows a bunch of the game’s concept art, which I have to say is actually pretty impressive stuff. It definitely has a bit of that Monkey Island flavor to it, but it’s incredibly detailed and full of character. Each of the game’s three factions is incredibly visually distinct, and quite a bit of the humorous undertones start to come across the more you see of it. This one is definitely on my radar.

Check out the video after the jump. Oh, and if you find yourself interested in finding out more, our man in the field Allen Park will have a full preview for you very soon.

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