GDC11: Sword of the Stars II Is "Bigger, Stronger, Faster, Better"

Next up on the Paradox Interactive front, we get some hot details on Sword of the Stars II, the new 4X strategy game from the makers of the original Sword of the Stars. We get a look at the plot of Sword of the Stars II, which appears to be circulating around the return of the Lords of Winter, a race that once controlled the galaxy and that shaped the various races of the original game. The story takes place one hundred years after the original Sword of the Stars, and the developer promises that it will be a “progression” of the original plot, rather than just a rehash. They also show off the new Mars 2 engine that will be running Sword of the Stars II, and it’s looking fantastic. He also discusses new combat and political systems, both of which appear to add a lot more depth to the gameplay. This is definitely a game to look out for.

Hit the jump for the full interview, with even more info on the game.

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