Gearbox is Teasing “Another Game” It Will Supposedly be Revealing at PAX East

Gearbox is Teasing “Another Game” It Will Supposedly be Revealing at PAX East

It seems like Gearbox has multiple new game reveals planned for later this month.

Following yesterday’s tease of what clearly seems to be Borderlands 3, Gearbox Software took to Twitter again today to show another title that it will seemingly be unveiling come month’s end.

In a post that stated, “Time to tease another game for PAX!” Gearbox’s official Twitter account revealed another image of a new game that it will supposedly be announcing at its panel later this month at PAX East. The image seems to show a disassembled robot or android of some sort lying on an operating table. There are also wires running all around the robot.

As for what this game could be? I honestly have no idea. The color palette and stylization of what is being shown in the image looks quite similar to the look of Borderlands, but the fact that Gearbox is specifically stating that this is “another game” rather than the same one they showed yesterday is throwing me off. Then again, Gearbox could just be revealing multiple Borderlands games come PAX East. Would that be overkill? Maybe. But it’s also the franchise that their fans like the most.

Regardless of what is being shown here, we’ll have it all figured out by the end of the month. PAX East is set to take place at the end of March from the 28th through the 31st. Gearbox’s panel where they will be revealing all of this new information specifically will be held at 2:00pm on Thursday, March 28.