Gearbox: Morpheus Hardware in Office; Waiting to Determine Commercial Viability

Gearbox: Morpheus Hardware in Office; Waiting to Determine Commercial Viability

It’s always fun to be in the same room with a game developer who is genuinely excited to work with (and talk about) new hardware, especially when he or she is sitting across from a PR rep that is closely watching and listening to  their every word. This was the situation when Gearbox Software CEO and president Randy Pitchford chimed in during a question and answer session following a presentation for Battleborn.

I asked the panel of developers in front of me if Morpheus (and Oculus) support was being considered for the upcoming Battleborn IP. Pitchford excitedly answered the question by saying:

We have development hardware for both in office…

Pitchford looks over to the 2K  rep who is across the room and giving him a disapproving nod.

…Actually I’m not sure I’m allowed to tell you that, forget I said that.

Laughter immediately erupts in the room while the 2K PR rep is still nodding in disbelief. After collecting himself from laughter, being the internal public relations professional that he is Randy quickly recovered from it by adding:

We’ve been playing with the hardware, but we don’t have any official support announced for that [Battleborn] yet. When these things [Morpheus and Oculus] become commercial platforms that will be a time for us to consider what the commercial viability is. But we’ve been playing with the technology and it’s not just on the fronts you’ve heard about and it’s really exciting actually.

So while there’s absolutely no confirmation of Morpheus (or Oculus) titles in the pipeline from Gearbox, it’s nice to see that, like us, they too are excited about the tech (maybe even too excited at times). Now gamers need to do their part and get on board with this new hardware like VR if they want the support from third party studios.