Gearbox Releases 18 Minute Battleborn Co-Op Campaign Walkthrough Video

Gearbox has released a hefty new chunk of Battleborn footage today in a brand new 18 minute video. The beginning moments set you up with Andrew Goldfarb, Aaron Linde and Randy Varnell digging deep into the games background before providing commentary on an extended look at the Battleborn‘s co-op campaign.

This new IP from Gearbox is all about “genre blending,” borrowing the best parts of their favorite games and previously released titles. The game-to-game leveling system and abilities looks like a MOBA, there is loot like Diablo, a unique art style like Borderlands (though much more Disney-esque in appearance) and more being blended together to create something wholly new.

The video goes on to demonstrate this unique mixture with things like ultimate abilities where a character like Montana can jump into the fray and start tanking damage and Thorn can shoot several arrows at a time. Ripping through tides of robots, the video eventually ends with a big boss fight that gives the whole mission a bit of an instant dungeon/raid feel that really appeals to me.

You can check out the whole video below, head over to our eyes-on preview from a recent Gearbox press event and watch our interview with creative director Randy Varnell for more on Battleborn. Expect to see Battleborn on PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime in 2015.

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