Gearbox Teases PAX East Announcement With an &

Gearbox Teases PAX East Announcement With an &

Gearbox Software teased another PAX East announcement today, but all we have to go on for now is an ampersand.

To the dismay of gaming news website URLs everywhere, Gearbox has decided to tease an upcoming PAX East announcement with a ampersand. If you aren’t familiar with what that is, it’s the “&” sign people use in the place of “and” sometimes. This is the most confusing and hardest to guess PAX East tease from Gearbox yet, though I’m sure people will be happy about the & Knuckles references this tease will spawn.

This & game is the fourth to be teased by Gearbox Software this week. So far, we’ve seen a screenshot on a highway that seems to confirm Borderlands 3, a robot being worked on in a lab, and a low resolution screenshot of Borderlands 2 that may hint a a port of that game to a new platform. While the previous tweets have given people a bit to speculate about, this tease is pretty cut and dry, only focusing on the ampersand:

If I had to guess, this ampersand is likely from the title of whatever game Gearbox will be revealing at PAX East. After looking through a list of the studio’s previously released games, I found that Gearbox has never released a title with an ampersand in it. That means this is probably something brand new.

We also don’t know if this game will be developed by Gearbox themselves or just published by Gearbox Publishing. John Vignocchi, who used to serve as the VP of Production for Disney Interactive’s toys to life game Disney Infinity at Disney Interactive, joined Gearbox last year to work on a “new tent-pole franchise for the company” that is friendly to gamers of all ages, so it is possible that we could learn about that at PAX East.

Anyways, this is all speculation, and we won’t what it is from for sure until the Gearbox Main Theater Show at 2pm on March 28. You can also be sure that DualShockers will report on whatever Gearbox decides to announce at PAX East this year.