Gearbox Software Teases A Penn & Teller VR Game at PAX East Panel

The developer is working on a new VR project in tandem with the famous magician pair.

Today during Gearbox Software’s PAX East 2017 panel, Randy Pitchford teased an upcoming project associated with the famed magician duo Penn & Teller. Pitchford said that the game is currently being called Penn & Teller’s Cruel Virtual Tricks for Real Friends and is being designed for virtual reality headsets.

Pitchford went on to discuss the overall premise for this upcoming project describing the process of  first introducing your friends to virtual reality. During a player’s first experience, they have to essentially trust everything that is being told to them by their friend because they are unfamiliar with how the headset works. Pitchford said he wants to betray that trust to play pranks on those still unfamiliar with VR. The game will be in cahoots with the person showing off VR to mess with the player who is using it. It’s a unique concept and is one that could be quite funny when used on those who have no experience in virtual reality.

If you weren’t aware, Randy Pitchford is a bit of a magician himself and has previous ties to Penn Jillette specifically. Pitchford and Penn gave the keynote address to open opened the DICE Summit last year. Pitchford also once backed a Kickstarter project of the group’s in 2013 which netted him the reward of Penn’s ponytail (yes, you read that correctly).

Not much else is known about the project right now, but we did receive a few images. There’s not much to see besides some rough character models for both Penn & Teller, but you can take a peak at the pics for yourself below.

Pitchford says that this new project will be formally announced to the public soon and will also serve as one of the first associated with Gearbox publishing.

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