Gearbox Talks Borderlands 2: Customization, Special Editions, and a New Character on the Way

on April 8, 2012 6:12 PM

Gearbox held a panel at PAX East to discuss some incredible new things for Borderlands 2 that have never been released anywhere else before and I was on-hand to witness it all. To say they dropped some bombs would be the understatement of the entire event and if you’re a fan of the game in any way you’ll want to keep reading to see all the details below! Read on to find out about some exciting information…a new character coming to Borderlands 2? 

The game features a new skin system which is introduced into the loot of the game. Defeating bosses and enemies will unlock new skins for your characters. These are more than just different colors and patterns with some being more rare than others.

Things get taken a step further with customizable heads. Your character in Borderlands 2 is going to be truly yours more than ever before. On top of that there’s a special bonus for all players of the first Borderlands: everyone who has played the first game will receive a unique skin and head.

The biggest news however is something that is on the way after the game launches: a new character! At some point the plan is to add a new character called the “Mechromancer”, another female character!

What can a Mechromancer do? That’s not entirely locked down at this time but we were shown concept art of what was referred to as “Deathtrap”. Borderlands 2 just got real. The plan is to launch this DLC within 60 to 90 days of the game launching, though nothing is concrete at this time.

The best part? If you join the Borderlands 2 “Premiere Club” you’ll get the new character for absolutely free! (

The team also announced that there will be a number of special editions for the game in a number of tiers. Mention was made of one edition costing $99 and another after that for $149 which will actually come in a physical loot box from the game!

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