Gearbox Wants To Know How Much You Want The Homeworld Franchise; HD Collector’s Edition May Be Coming

on December 26, 2013 2:26 PM

You may remember that way back in February, as THQ was selling off its property, the classic Relic Entertainment RTS franchise Homeworld was put up for bid, and eventually bought by Gearbox Software. Around Spring, Blackbird Interactive, a studio comprised of many former Relic developers behind the franchise, officially passed the torch to Gearbox while releasing some old assets they had lying around. News came soon afterwards of HD remakes of the classic games, with each release planned to include a classic version and HD remake bundled together for $15 each.

Now a new tweet has gone out from Gearbox, inviting both newcomers to the franchise and dedicated fans to partake in a survey about the series:

Completing the survey will include a good portion of questions dedicated to what you would want of an HD collector’s edition and an art book, indicating plans for what’s ahead for the remakes. So if you’re a fan, take a few minutes to let your voice be heard, and throw in your two cents. It may greatly affect what kind of editions available when the games release, and more importantly how much they’ll cost.

Fore more on the franchise and the studios involved with it, check out all of our Homeworld news.

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